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About Joyce Lofstrom & Associates, LLC

We are communication professionals.

Healthcare and digital health organizations navigate continuous change, as they strive to improve patient care and healthcare delivery. Quality, well-written content is vital to telling an organization’s story.

Joyce Lofstrom & Associates, LLC, opened its virtual doors in June 2018 after its founder, Joyce Lofstrom, retired from HIMSS after leading the communication department for almost 16 years. Her years of experience include newspaper journalism and nonprofit and agency public relations, expertise that led to the establishment of Joyce Lofstrom & Associates. The firm focuses on quality and consistency in healthcare and digital health communication, specializing in content development and marketing communication services.

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The art of understanding your overall business goals comes first, before any key touches the computer screen.

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • How do your goals support your organization’s overall business/strategic plan?
  • What are your key messages?
  • Who is your target audience – the people you want to reach with your messages?
  • Where does your content now appear – or from another angle – where do you want content to appear?

Now – the craft of content development begins to develop the blog post, news item, byline article, web content and more. The art and craft of writing overlap, because I rely on both for content development.

Another take

Public relations helps an organization engage, influence and build important relationships with people or groups, such as customers, potential customers, employees, media other identified stakeholders (audiences) to the benefit of both.

Public relations services

  • Brand Journalism/Content Creation
  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Events
  • Executive Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Marketing Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Multimedia
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media
  • Speechwriting

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Reporters and public relations professionals have long been connected to help out each other. The journalists want story ideas, credible and relevant story ideas. Public relations professionals want reporters to use their story ideas – and yes, the same criteria apply.

It’s that simple – and that challenging.

  • It’s simple to suggest many ideas to reporters.
  • The challenge in first answering who cares and why now – about the story ideas.