Case Studies

Relationships Matter

Content Development - Telehealth during COVID-19 in 2020

Telehealth services for medical care jettisoned to the forefront of patient care in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced across the globe. Joyce Lofstrom & Associates wrote and edited drafts of four telehealth case studies for the American Telemedicine Association. Using that information plus an interview with one of two presenters in an ATA webinar, Joyce wrote a first draft and suggested format for the ATA’s Quick Start Guide to Telehealth During a Crisis, a pro bono project completed in about two weeks. The guide is available for free download on the ATA website.

Value proposition: A crisis situation demands immediate action. This guide  serves as a valuable resource during the COVID-19 pandemic for health care providers seeking more information on telehealth.

Media Relations - Strengthen Relationships with Reporters

Media relations involves creative and effective outreach to share news. The media roundtable offers busy journalists an intimate setting to sit down (or during the pandemic, virtually connect) with subject matter experts to discuss a relevant and newsworthy topic. Before opening her business, Joyce held a media roundtable at HIMSS on privacy and security with five of the 10 invited business and digital health technology reporters attending. While immediate coverage was not expected, reporters wrote summary articles (one example here) with new connections established as well.

Value proposition: With a media roundtable, the goal is not immediate media coverage, but instead, to build relationships with reporters and introduce subject matter experts.